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Note from the Chairman

Dear Colleague,

I am sure you had a great beginning of the year 2016. We firmly believe that it is time to share details of how our journey has been for the last year and what we propose to do the ensuing year.

The council conducted activities that can be categorised under events, publications, etc.

  1. Events 
    • Sustainability Summit – Creating Social Impact through corporate efforts. The event was designed as a novel platform to deliberate on the CSR and Sustainability issues crucial to organisations from the perspective of implementation challenges, solutions and opportunities. The event was organised on May 7 with Stuart Hart as a leading expert in the area.
    • India’s National Competitiveness Forum– The event was a discussion platform, aimed to set the agenda for India’s growth and competitiveness by engaging top leaders, renowned thinkers and selected government leaders.The event was organised on September 28 with Michael Porter as one of the key speakers.
    • Dialogue on Karnataka’s Competitiveness – The dialogue strived to bring stakeholders on a common platform to work on enhancing the competitiveness of Karnataka and creating effective policy suggestions.The event was organised on November 30.
  2. Research & Publications. In addition, to the above the Council also voiced its opinion in the form of thought pieces that were published with leading dailies and magazines like Mint, Business Standard, IANS, Business World et al.

For 2016, the council looks at continuing the debates and discussions on the various issues of competitiveness, strategy, economic development, social progress, shared value et al. and enhance the quality of conversations which would further pave the path for the nation to become more competitive.

I look forward to continued support from the council members regarding their participation in the various activities of the council which would help drive the agenda of the council.

To explore the memberships details, either write to me or visit the following link: http://compete.org.in/membership/.

We would also like to thank our partner US Council on Competitiveness for their support and guidance through the year.

Look forward to being in touch with you.


Wilfried Aulbur
India Council on Competitiveness

From the Members Desk

Anil K Gupta 

Prospects for emerging markets aren’t as bad as you have heard

It’s obvious that emerging markets are facing severe headwinds. 2015 will be the fifth consecutive year of slowing economic growth. The days of break-neck growth in China are gone for good….more

Amit Kapoor 

Here’s how the global economy will trend in 2016

A recent publication by the World Bank group on the global economy titled ‘Global Economic Prospects 2016: Spillover Amid Weak Growth’ raises fundamental questions about the overall health of the global economy….more

Anita Arjundas 

What will 2016 mean for property prices?

Will apartment and property prices go up, stay stable, or fall in 2016? I am hit by this question regularly and increasingly as we approach a New Year….more

Rishikesha T. Krishnan 

Tech – Savy entrepreneurs, can you put India on the global innovation map

Technological innovation is the key to supernormal profits. And India’s failure to build high-level innovation capabilities is a failure of entrepreneurship and leadership….more

Ajay Vir Jakhar 

On Kisan Diwas, Ruing why farmers have lost their political power

Last week, while addressing visiting MBA students of UCLA, I explained that the biggest problem Indian farmers face is non-representation on the high table of policy making….more

Mark Esposito 

China is expanding its economic influence in Africa. What is Africa getting out of it?

China’s ties to Africa are likely to get stronger this year as the world’s biggest economy appears poised to once again double its investments across the fast-growing continent….more

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