The India Council on Competitiveness is a non-partisan and a non-governmental network of leaders from corporate CEO, University Chancellors and Civil Society leaders working to make India a competitive nation.

Council’s aim is to work together to set an action agenda to increase competitiveness in India, while generating innovative public policy solutions for a more prosperous and healthy India. Collectively under the Council’s banner, put forward issue-based opinion in order to promote growth and opportune development of our country.

India’s pressing issues:

  • More than 12 million Indians join the workforce every year. Creating jobs for them is of utmost importance
  • Need to check the unemployment levels of our country
  • Need to attract Investment to ensure the growth story rejuvenates
  • The country faces a huge Infrastructure deficit at present. Investments of the order of 1 trillion dollars are on the anvil, however policy paralysis has constantly and consistently troubled infrastructure growth.

In order to address these pressing issues we must adopt a pro growth strategy that is aimed at driving innovation to order to create shared value of economics and the society. Generate an ability to steer the nation across to safer shore as opposed to emerging risks or disruptions. Capitalize on the traditional USP of the country to emerge as leaders within the global economy.

Requirements from a council, which is uniquely designed to cater by a tripartite of college members:

  • Collective raise in the standard of living of the country
  • Knowledge growth of the country on a whole in order to empower our human capital
  • Creating an environment for the investments in businesses
  • Buttress our leadership, provide policy prescription, generating value for all the participants.


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