Indians most fundamentally have been about opportunity and about new beginnings to set out for a newer challenge. India, in past with its entrepreneurial spirit has managed to churn out world-class companies across various sectors. Today, as science and technology are rewritten in digital and genetic codes, India finds itself at an historical juncture shaped by two unprecedented shifts: the world is becoming both more and more competitive as well as interconnected as an immediate effect of the globalization move in last couple of decades.

In this increasingly globalized world, innovation plays the important role of a differentiator, increases ability to harness the potential of entrepreneurship and vice versa. Leadership in innovation will unleash the productivity and leadership in entrepreneurship will realise the innovation, which consequently leads to economic growth that will underpin India’s prosperity. The need to rapidly translate knowledge and insights into new high-value products and service is imperative to address the many grand challenges that India faces and the world.


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