Sustainability has come to be one point that has caught on within the economic and business circles much like the word innovation in last couple of decades without much action but a lot of lip service being rendered. When thought about it on strategically terms, it just ends up being one differentiating factor too much to bring about a fundamental shift in the businesses using the philosophies of creating shared value for all engagement of all players in a healthy state. One such notion being the energy security and its sustainability is an important question that India must solve in order for it to be competent in global terms. The challenge for countries to be competitive is to manage energy supply and demand in a cost effective, sustainable and innovative way. The potential for disruptions and shortages due to growing global demand, supply vulnerabilities and price volatility demands a transformation in India’s energy portfolio.

The private sector has increasingly played an important role in this transformation, bringing about better mechanisms of competitiveness, being adopters, investors and the agents of change in this new era for energy. Green approaches are also proving to be good bottom-line strategies, decreasing both cost and risk while increasing energy productivity and reducing carbon footprints helping the nation in its quest for sustainability. Advancements in sustainable technologies are creating new industries, global market opportunities and associated jobs. These benefits are already being enjoyed by both corporate and country’s first movers.


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