Globalization is creating a whole new dimension of risk exposure that most organizations are not prepared to handle. India being a nation of a billion, indulges into a large amount of global trade, we find ourselves at a juncture where it has become very important for us to mitigate the risks associated to foreign trade in order to fully realize our fortune. During the last decade, globalization has raised the importance of the operational lifelines and infrastructure – global transportation networks and supply chains, IT and energy – that enable trade and business.

The successful competitors of the future will be agile, flexible and resilient – able to anticipate and manage risk and bounce back quickly from disruptions. For companies, communities and countries alike, resilience is becoming a competitive differentiator. Resilience to technological complexities, terrorist activities, weather hostilities and bilateral relations of nations, will determine our ability to navigate through the disruptions India faces in its good-road ahead.


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