Some parts of India are seeing persistence in inequality. With a few parts of the country getting attributed to driving India’s prosperity, they have therefore been seen to be preferred destinations for money to flow in and churn out more. Nothing wrong with the phenomenon per say, just shows the stark contrasts that Indians live in despite being all labelled as Indian citizens. India is not the same for all Indians is a reality that needs to be tackled to bring about the social inclusion of all Indians.

Hunger for growth is quite high in the unequal parts of India and we must ensure that we must tap this hunger to energize the future growth of the country. We must make sure that this India is given easy access to systems and that needs to be institutionalized so that all become beneficiaries of the infrastructure that has been in place. Systems act as enablers and can help India in reducing inequality and address some aspects of social inclusion.

Sooner the development sees then, quicker they will be ready to contribute to fuel, feed, reach new frontiers as well as enable the growth of this country to reach the heights never seen before.


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