Microeconomic activities are often seen to be the ones that create wealth for the society and community. In order for us to move to that direction, we must ensure that regulatory framework, education, financial systems, legal systems, physical infrastructure as well as policy framework of the country is in place to enable the empowerment of the citizens to engage and indulge themselves with microeconomic activities.

During the last decade, globalization has raised the importance of the operational lifelines and infrastructure – global transportation networks and supply chains, IT and energy – that enable trade and business. India must focus on developing new infrastructural initiatives and expand and upgrade the existing ones to broaden the access to them for all concerend. Focusing just on physical aspect is just one side of the coin, we must ensure that digital infrastructure is compatible as well as ensure the systems are built and maintained in order to leverage the physical work that has undergone. Systems are enablers and can help India in reducing inequality and address some aspects of social inclusion.


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