Agricultural sector plays a great part in ensuring India’s food security coupled with the recent measures taken by the government to ensure nutritional security in order to make way for sustainable development as well as help India alleviate poverty.

India’s farm output has played a stellar role in feeding, growing India’s export based revenue and providing employment to more than half of the country’s population. Despite agriculture becoming a weaker representative in the country’s GDP over the years, it still represents one of the largest economic sectors for Indians. India has traditionally placed a special emphasis on in its five-year plans and has resulted in creation of a framework, which now needs to be enhanced in order to cater to the steep rise in the growing demand of agricultural commodities. Decelerating profitability is hampering the outlook and restricting growth in this sector that needs to be to be set free to flourish once again.

India faces many challenges in its road for agricultural competitiveness. India needs to enhance its agricultural productivity, its level of resilience to natural shocks, introduce more initiatives that allow for technology and capital equipment’s to reach the creators and producers of the country via undertaking key measures such as penetrative financial inclusion as well as access to key information and insights. Large parts of India have been deemed to be vulnerable to droughts, floods and cyclones. India can work in the area of irrigation and consider implementing ambitious ideas like river inter-connectivity in order to expand the agricultural infrastructure in order to attain optimal productivity from its agrarian land and resources it has employed.

Some of the issues we need to focus are:

  • Maximizing productivity and optimizing irrigation
  • Enabling the use of technology


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