India has a system of education that has helped it benefit with its compatibility during the time when the world saw globalization drive was taking place. But does Indian education system really create candidates who are ready to join the work place and start contributing as soon as possible? A recent study claimed that nearly half the graduates were not capable of joining the workforce. Many others have shown a far harsher reality of our students as well as the system itself. The Council believes its time that we take the lead in the reform of the process the revamp. Business needs people, and if people are incapable its difficult to get them hired. This problem is not just Indian, and has been a bone of contention in various other countries as well. India produces more than 12 million new faces for work, and if a large proportion of them go jobless then it’s a massive disservice the country does to its youth. The council’s Educational initiative is supported by a series of dialogues, events, roundtables as well as case studies which will help us understand, address and find, target and think of ways to tackle the challenges with an appropriate solutions with the help of our members who have been at the forefront of their respective fields.


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