Energy is at the center of every issue that India faces, be it for our long-term security on its access, price or India’s ability to efficiently use this energy source in order to power a sustainable engine within the country for business growth and prosperity or its sustainable use.

Energy sector is vibrant and wide. The kind of fuels in use is also equally diverse, however, we need to address the areas of inefficiencies, loss of power, consolidation of power throughout the country so that the growth engine does not stop anywhere to everywhere. Sustainability of our environment and the reliance on alternate sources of energy needs to be increased and looked after, since we are bound by just this land and air, and a billion need to share it for an peaceful co-existence.  Emphasis has to be on cleaner sources of energy.

Management of energy is another key issue that India needs to focus on. Developed countries have increasingly started using smart grids to unlock the potential of their incumbent sources as well as decrease the waste of power. Management of waste is another issue that needs to be looked into since that is directly related to the environment we live in. Carbon footprint is another area where India needs to put its focus into.

The council’s Energy initiative is supported by a series of dialogues, events, roundtables as well as case studies which will help us understand, address and find, target and think of ways to tackle the challenges with an appropriate solutions with the help of our members who have been at the forefront of their respective fields.


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