India is an exciting place to be in today, a land with diverse possibilities, opportunities and ever increasing deregulation for economic activities. However that has come at a stagnant pace in last few years, and is expected to remain the same due to various factors in economics. Growth story in India has seen a sort of slowdown in its vital statistics for economic growth in the last few years. Although that does not truly reflect the desire of this country’s citizens who still yearns to clock the GDP at record rates and believe that they possess the ability as well as the capability to do so as well. Its imperative for us to work on our people, policies, politics, and perception in order to regain that drive for the excellence in order to create legions of wealth creators and work on effective yet progressive ways of distribution and retaining of that wealth. India with a population of more than a billion only has a modest stake in foreign trade underlines the need for the country to engage itself with the world more openly with strong fundamentals and policies, which attract global funding within the country. India needs to make investment friendly policies as well as think of ways to retain that investment into economic activities which do not end up being quick money. The Council will intend to discuss on common issues and via discussions, deliberations, initiate a fact-finding exercise and compile metrics. Moving on from there, The Council will think of ways to tackle the challenges with an appropriate solutions with the help of our members who have been at the forefront of their respective fields.

Some of the issues we need to focus are:

  • Where India Stands
  • A collaborative effort to improve India’s position in the world
  • Improving the state of doing business in India


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