Healthcare in India is as complex as India itself, India is a country where normally there are several alternative systems being pursued as opposed to one system or even two in other countries. However this does not justify the pace at which our healthcare is moving towards a reform. Government has recognized the need for reform and has made a move for the same in its recent five year plans, however has not managed to scale things up, neither has it managed to improve quality drastically. Private and external institutions have helped ease the burden, however, the inequities within the society coupled by lack of penetration haven’t been able to cater to all sections of the society as well as parts of the country.

The Council believes that there is leadership vacuum in this space and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The area demands fundamental changes in the mindset of the people where health should be the given more importance. The area requires better management of resources and the penetration needs to increase on multiple folds within the parts of the country.

The council’s Healthcare initiative is supported by a series of dialogues, events, roundtables as well as case studies which will help us understand, address and find, target and think of ways to tackle the challenges with an appropriate solutions with the help of our members who have been at the forefront of their respective fields.

Issue we need to focus is: 

  • Rethinking Healthcare


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