In last few years India has grown in leaps and bounds and the capability that Indians possessed a few years ago too has grown in comparison. However, the proportion of manufacturing sector’s contribution in the growth of Indian economy can be said to be static if not less. At the Council, we believe that it is time for India the creator to come out and make its presence known as well as free itself from the stranglehold its manufacturing sectors sees itself bounded by.

We must create a business environment that fosters breakthrough innovation, rapid commercialization and technical niche that will leave a mark of India, which will be tougher to replace and compete against. India today is as much better marketplace than what it used to be and everyday it is looking to get better. We have proven adept to all challenges that have come forth and we embolden the spirit to tackle any future issues that we might pose in future. Now its time for us to set an action plan in place in order to start a new era of sustained competitiveness in manufacturing sector. Manufacturing is no longer dirty, dumb and dangerous. Rather it has taken a whole new facet of being creative as well as innovative. We must ensure that in addition to that, we are not susceptible to the trend of lay offs that West has seen in past decade in this sector to other countries that are on the advantageous side of labour arbitrage, and therefore work in ways which it stays safe, smart, sustainable and surging.

The council’s manufacturing initiative is supported by a series of dialogues, events, roundtables as well as case studies which will help us understand, address and find, target and think of ways to tackle the challenges with an appropriate solutions with the help of our members who have been at the forefront of their respective fields.

Some of the issues we need to focus are: 

  • Innovation in Manufacturing Initiative
  • Competing China?
  • Environmental Impact of India’s manufacturing growth


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