1. Council aims to remain committed to enhance India’s competitiveness via a pro-growth agenda to capitalize on its unique strengths as well as address India’s challenges. The members of the council are the leaders from the industry, civil society and institutes and a new member thus gets to be a part of this leaders’ cohort. The association would give a sense of pride as the members get an opportunity to contribute towards India’s prosperity.
  2. Council’s eminent membership has an ability to forge important strategic partnerships across the private and public sectors, a trait that helps the members’ organization to grow further in tandem with the direction of growth that India takes. The India Council on Competitiveness enables an access to one-of-kind partnership and networking possibilities through dialogues, conferences and events both within India and abroad, which are invitation only. Council’s members come with a rich experience and are Insightful stewards willing to work for a better India. Learning from peers, as well as staff will help broaden perspectives, an imperative for all the businesses.
  3. Members get an opportunity to add their voice to a collective movement seeking to shape our nation’s strategy on issues and suggest possible solutions. This would not only help their organization to perform better but also the industry and will eventually benefit the nation.
  4. Amplification of their voice via Council’s platform is a great benefit for the members. The Council is a platform of CXO professionals representing elite organizations therefore the voice on the platform has far reaching, a distributed and highly motivated audience who are all at one place to see India and consequently all of us, in the right trajectory, right place. With a collective voice, we aim for a collective actiontowards prosperity.
  5. All initiatives will comprise of debates, discussions, dialogues and conferences, which lead to publications in the form of whitepaper, reports and clarion call. 
  6. Representation within the council is spread across all the sectors of the economy, which allows for a wide and a distinct benefit for all members.
  7. Opportunity to enhance visibility of the organization through on ground events that we have through out the year. Chance to contribute to Council’s blog, newsletters and opinion pieces that pertaining to Competitiveness and India


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