The India Competitiveness Project is a research-led effort by India Council on Competitiveness. The project aims to analyze the competitiveness of the Indian business environment over a period of time. As a part of the project, a survey has been framed to assess India’s competitiveness that will enable business leaders to analyze the ability of firms in India to compete globally while maintaining or raising the living standards of an average Indian citizen. The research is informed by surveys of business leaders of leading firms and organizations. It’s a multistage designed project; wherein the first stage comprises of a statistical analysis of the Indian business environment on eighteen parameters such as human capital, company location choices, logistic infrastructure, communication infrastructure, Indian education system, innovation, capital markets, macroeconomic policies, business regulations among others. The findings from the first stage will set a benchmark for subsequent stages. A detailed assessment will be undertaken in an iterative manner in the subsequent stages to make India a preferable location for doing business when compared to other nations and in turn strengthening India’s competitiveness.

This year’s survey focusses on assessing India as a preferred location for business in comparison to other developing nations including the BRICS economies. Nomura Research Institute, business consultancy, and technology solution firm is a partner for the project for the year 2016-17.

We invite you to participate in the project by completing the Survey on India Competitiveness. The information and responses submitted would be kept confidential.


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